Creative Hustler Key

Your all-access passkey to the ScoreG Productions community.

From financing to festivals, we are bringing you closer than ever to our filmmaking and the talent we work with.

Creative Hustle

Creative Hustle is the ethos we live by.
It is innovative thinking predicated on persistent hard work.
It is embracing every obstacle and loving the process.
It is passion and commitment to the stories we tell.

Most importantly, it is honesty and integrity, knowing that no deal is worth forfeiting character.

Creative Hustle is how we have built a community around our films and lifelong friendships with the talent we partner with.

Our Mission

In the spirit of Creative Hustle, we are turning our attention to Web3 and its immense potential. 
We see the possibility of an entirely new way for fans and filmmakers to not only engage with us and the talent we work with, but to actively participate in the art of filmmaking through ownership, discussion, community voting, and the chance to be selected for exclusive experiences along the journey.

Creative Hustler Key Community

Exclusive BTS access to our work and talent

Unique experiences that money can't buy

Creative Hustler education for filmmakers

NFT Info

A limited collection of 3 uniquely designed keys.

3 keys x 333 for a total supply of 999.

No more will ever be made.

Each of the 3 unique keys, handcrafted by our 3D designer, pays homage to the ScoreG catalog of work while providing ongoing access to member-only content, community airdrops, and opportunities to be selected (and flown in) for exclusive ScoreG filmmaking experiences.

Mint Price: 0.13 ETH

Pre-Sale: April 16, 2022 – 12:00pm MST

Public Sale: April 17, 2022 – 12:00pm MST

Holder Benefits

Token-gated access to the ScoreG catalog
“Creative Hustler” Filmmaker Alpha
AMA’s with Filmmakers & Talent
Live Streams from set
Giveaways from the ScoreG Vault
Community voting & feedback
Pre-sale access to premiere tickets
Whitelist access for future NFT drops

Filmmaking Experience Giveaways

Day as a Producer
Step on set for the ultimate behind-the-scenes experience

Sound Mix / Edit Session
Watch the film come together…always gives us chills

Walk the Red Carpet
Celebrate with the filmmakers and stars…dress to impress

World 1 - Chaos

World 2 - Competition

World 3 - Celebration


VIP premiere and afterparty all-access

“Special Thanks” in credits

Filmmaker consultation

All-Access Tri-Key

Collect all 3 versions of the Creative Hustler Key and combine them into one all-access Tri-Key – unlocking the top-tier Creative Hustler experience.

Phase 1

In April 2022 we launch the Creative Hustler Key – a collection of 999 early-supporter membership tokens handcrafted by our 3D designer and brimming with community access and rare experiential giveaways.

Phase 2

We bring the community more behind the scenes than ever before, continuing to reward those who hold a Creative Hustler Key, while announcing new opportunities to connect with ScoreG documentary talent.

Phase 3

As legacy media becomes more centralized, we see the growing possibilities of decentralization in Web3. In Phase III we will break the conventional model of film financing, bypass the gatekeepers, and fund future projects through Web3, giving creative freedom back to artists and opportunity for the community to be more involved than ever before.


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Shane Fennessey

Our Work

ScoreG Productions has been fortunate to consistently partner with top-tier talent to tell their stories. We only take on projects we are passionate about and know our audiences will love. In addition to the titles below, projects currently in production include:

0.13 ETH – the price in $ will fluctuate based on the value of ETH

Pre-Sale: April 16, 2022 – 12:00pm MST

Public Sale: April 17, 2022 – 12:00pm MST

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We will be running competitions and giveaways leading up to the mint dates.

You will be able to mint 6 keys per wallet.

We plan to give away at least 3 experiences per year for the next 5 years minimum. Scheduling and budget challenges make it impossible to give an exact number but, rest assured, we have every intention of the Creative Hustler Key providing life-long value to holders.

100%! This makes the Creative Hustler Key a great hold for other communities to give their members a chance to win.

Simply mint 3 Creative Hustler Keys! The mint order will be sequentially repeated, so if you mint 3 you will get all 3 unique versions.

Once the keys are sold out, the only way to complete a Tri-Key will be to purchase your missing keys from the secondary market.