Giving Back

Community Initiatives

One reason for ScoreG Productions expanding into Web3 is to offer more opportunities for our community to connect with us and our work. As the community grows, we want to explore more ways to help raise others up in the filmmaking industry.

A portion of revenue from all Web3 activities will be set aside for initiatives that we want the community to vote on. Perhaps it’s as simple as donating to a film foundation…or perhaps we take pitches from up and coming documentary filmmakers and vote on which project we’d like to help fund.

We are open to anything as long as the decision represents what you, the community, wants!

Creative Hustler Scholarship

Breaking into the film industry is challenging. It can be difficult to decide what department to work in or to find a mentor. Film school is competitive and costly. And even when you do find someone to work under, oftentimes they will not share the “secret sauce” to what has made them successful. We recognize all of these challenges and, as a company that has built its success off the back of Creative Hustle, we are always looking for ways to encourage others to do the same.

We see the Creative Hustler Key community as a place where ideas and information are shared freely. We think this community can benefit anyone looking to grow in the film industry.

So we have decided to set aside some Creative Hustler Keys to be given to deserving individuals who may have not yet gotten the breaks in the traditional route of filmmaking – a type of scholarship NFT that will give the holder direct access to ScoreG Productions and the team we work with.

Current Partners:

Future Partners: TBA